Investment Bank

Investment bank

A firm foothold in Hong Kong facing the global market and backed by CGS’s strong presence in China, CGI is committed to provide full-license, full-facet investment banking services to our customers in China as well as overseas.


We thrive to provide excellent tailor-made investment banking services to our customers, backed by our team of professional bankers, as well as the abundant resources and wide network of CGS, CGI and CGS-CIMB. 


We offer Pre-IPO fund raising, IPO sponsorship, financial advisory, mergers and acquisitions, follow-on fund raising, USD bond issue and other corporate finance services to address customers’ different needs. Our aim is to provide a one-stop-shop comprehensive investment banking solutions to fulfill  investment, financing and advisory needs of corporates at every stage of their development process.


We pride ourselves of our professionalism, diligence and dedication. We differentiate ourselves from other banks by our comprehensive solutions provided to our customers, as we excel in both fundraising exercise as well as financial advisory services.


Merging the traditional with the innovative to further solidify our existing strengths while reaching out to new frontiers with high growth potential

  • Pre-IPO financing arrangement
  • Takeovers and acquisitions
  • IPO sponsorship
  • Corporate finance
  • Securities underwriting
  • Compliance advisory
  • Secondary placements

Investment Banking/ Global Capital Market

IPO sponsorship

Pre-IPO due diligence and principal communication channel with regulators to ensure smooth and successful vetting process

Coordinate professional parties and whole listing process to ensure efficient and orderly execution process

Pre-IPO financing arrangement

Introduce strategic investors and private equities to provide pre-IPO funding to expand and fortify client’s business, elevate corporate image and corporate governance to better prepare its IPO

Compliance advisory

Compliance advisory services on Listing Rules applications and general compliance enquiries

Compliance review on regulatory publications including general announcements and financial reports

Corporate finance

Assist in execution of regulatory transactions such as major/very substantial acquisitions and disposals, connected transactions, restructurings, rights issue and open offers

Advise on deal structuring, transaction terms and execution compliance, drafting and review of regulatory documents, liaison with regulators to safeguard execution compliance

Securities underwriting

Coordinate HKPO timetable and organise underwriting syndicates

Structure equity stories, arrange roadshows

Book-building, pricing and allocation

Arrange research support

Secondary placements

Arrange deal, non-deal and reverse

Provide analyses on capital market trends and advise on deal timing

Organise underwriting syndicates, book-building, pricing and allocation

Takeovers and acquisitions

Formulate and design deal structure, analysis of transaction terms, review transaction documents and represent clients in deal negotiations

Professional advices on compliance issues, drafting and review of regulatory documents, liaison with regulators to safeguard execution compliance