• Can I open an account if I am non-Hong Kong resident?

    Yes, we are welcome for non-Hong Kong residents to use our services. Please contact our customer hotline (852)3698 6747/ (852)3698 6740 for more information.

  • Are there any charges needed to open an account?

    No. It is free of charge to open an account in the Company.

  • Is there any initial deposit requirement?

    No, there is no initial deposit required.

  • How many different types of account for individual investors?

    The Company provides securities cash account, securities margin account, Furtures Account and Stock Options Account. In addition, clients can choose to open an electronic trading account.

  • What is joint account?

    A joint account is an account that consists of two or above applicants. Any one of the applicants is allowed to send out trading commands, but when it comes to withdrawal of cash or securities, it has to be confirmed and signed by the specific person that is shown on the account opening form.

  • What is the difference between securities cash and margin account?

    Securities cash account is an account that does not involve pledging of securities. Clients must need to settle the trading amount on the settlement day, if so clients will be charged an overdue interest.

    Securities margin account is an account that involves pledging of securities. Clients can use the deposits and stocks in the account as pledges, in order to use them for trade.

  • What kind of document is required on my account application?

    If you are a client from Mainland China, please provide your ID card, valid passport and address proof (issued within latest 3 months); otherwise, please provide your HKID or valid passport and address proof (issued within latest 3 months), for example, utilities bills or bank statements.