• When is the settlement date in Hong Kong market?

    According to HKEX rules, all trades must be settled on T+2 (within 2 trading days).

  • Can I sell some physical stock which I am holding before I lodge those stocks in my securities acc

    Yes, you can sell your physical stocks first and lodge those stocks to CCASS via us on the next business day after trading. According clearing house rules, you must ensure that you have sufficient positions for settlement. Otherwise, you will be enforced and obligated the extra costs to buy-in stocks by any failure. Unlike the normal trading, physical stock takes 10 working days to complete process. You can only use those non-withdrawal credits on trading within the processing period.

  • How can I transfer my stocks from another securities dealer/ bank to China Galaxy?

    If you want to transfer stocks between brokers, please fill our “SI instruction form”, fax to us at (852) 3698 6951 and notify the other broker.  After verifying your signature, we will arrange the transfer.

  • Can I buy and sell the same stock in same day?

    Yes.  If you buy and sell the same stock within the same trading day, is called “day trade”.  You can sell stocks anytime after the “buy” order has been executed. Please check the transaction status from your account executive or online trading system.

  • Can I require any particular quantity on trading?

    According to HKEX standards, listing stocks must be traded under “lot” as a multiplier, clients; therefore, cannot have any special request on the quantity.


  • What is Ex-dividend Date? How does the stock price be affected?

    In general, ex-dividend date is 2 trading days before the record date (record date will be noticed when dividend declared). Since the dividend will credit as payable on ex-dividend date morning, it will cause a difference between opening price on ex-dividend date and closing price on the day before.

  • What is the difference between Main Board and GEM (Growth Enterprise Market)?

    The Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market are two trading platforms of the HKEX securities market.
    Main Board is a market for capital formation by established companies with a profitable operating track record or companies meeting alternative financial standards to profit requirement. Growth Enterprise Market is an alternative market established in November 1999 to provide capital formation opportunities for growth companies from all industries and of all sizes. For more information, please go to HKEX websites.