• What is SPTrader Pro?

    SPTrader Pro is the mobile futures trading platform for China Galaxy International, providing convenient and powerful platform to trade Hong Kong Futures, Options and Global Futures.

    Major features include:

    ·         Futures and Options Trading

    ·         Real-time Streaming Market Data Quote Services

    ·         View Transaction Information

    ·         View Account Information

    ·         View Cash Information

    ·         Create Watchlist

    ·         Provide Different Order Type

  • How do I apply for SPTrader Pro?

    If you are the existing futures online clients, you can use your existing password to login the SPTrader Pro. And for the client who are not the existing futures clients, please contact your designated Account Executive to apply the futures account to enjoy the services of SPTrader Pro.

  • Is there any service charges for using SPTrader Pro?

    No. SPTrader Pro is free to use for our futures clients.

  • How do I download SPTrader Pro?

    You can search and download “SPTrader Pro” in Apple App Store or Google Play. And for the Android users, you can download the APK file to install it.

  • How do I login to SPTrader Pro?

    You must first install SPTrader Pro in your devices. Click on the SPTrader Pro icon to launch the app, then enter the “Host” (Hong Kong and Oversea Clients: or; China Clients:, “User ID” (Your Account Number) and “Password” to login.

    The User ID and Password of SPTrader Pro are same as existing futures account, you can use your existing User ID and Password to login SPTrader Pro.

  • Can I duplicate login to SPTrader Pro simultaneously?

    No. If you login to more than one system simultaneously, you will be treated as multiple login. The second login will be blocked. You should logout first from one device before you login in other device.


  • Can I change the password in SPTrader Pro?

    Yes and please note that change of your password in SPTrader Pro will result in change of password of your futures account password simultaneously.