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Through a network of local offices, branches and strategic partners, the group conducts business in more than 20 countries around the world. The group is supported by an award-winning research team, providing the most comprehensive research report for more than 800 stocks in the region.

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CGSI Warns Against Fraudulent Trading Platform

China Galaxy International Securities (HK) Co. Ltd. and China Galaxy International Futures (HK) Co. Ltd. (Collectively, “CGI”) has become aware recently that certain fraudsters sent text messages to customers with embedded hyperlink or QR code, directing customers to log in to the fraudulent trading platform which is designed to trick customers into revealing customers’ personal information.

CGI would like to remind its customers to stay vigilant against any suspicious calls, emails and text messages. Customers are reminded to ensure they are connected to a valid CGI site. CGI hereby reiterates that its official website address is and its official domain is Customers are suggested to download the official trading software through the official website or official mobile APP store.

CGI hereby clarifies that it does not maintain any bank accounts in Mainland China or provide any domestic wire transfer services in Mainland China. If customers receive any suspicious calls, emails and/or text messages, please do not hesitate to contact us for verification.

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