Research Report

Ind Goods & Services - Battery technology powering EV penetration


   According to the a news report from Teslarati, Tesla started a hiring ramp for its 4680 pilot production line at its Fremont factory, which may hint that Tesla has solved its production calendaring challenges.   

   Each battery type offers different advantages and disadvantages and should be compatible with different technology solutions.

   To move to the next big stage, issues such as duration, fast-charging efficiency and safety concerns still have to be addressed. We reiterate that battery technology remains the key for EV development. R&D capability has become one of the key indicators of the battery companies’ long-term growth visibility.

If Tesla’s 4680 cylindrical batteries can be put into mass production, we may see three groups of potential beneficiaries: 1) battery makers with R&D and production capacity for large cylindrical batteries, 2) battery materials suppliers that can produce silicon anode material and high-nickel cathode material, and 3) equipment suppliers, like manufacturers of cylindrical steel shells and automatic tab laser welding machines.